Must-Know On Long-distance Moving Quotes

With the modern tempo of living and level of mobility, one can never where he or she is going to be in 2 or 5 years from now. Whether because of job or studies, you may need to move often to keep with that tempo and personal aspirations. However, moving in another state or even across the country means significant expenditures to be properly accounted for beforehand. And how to calculate these with the highest accuracy we will cover in this article, so stay tuned!

First and foremost, let us consider a situation when you are moving to another part of the country from East to West Coast. For this occasion, you will require the help of professional movers, trucks and other equipment enabling to transfer your life in the form of possessions across the whole state. Secondly, you have to account for the possible expenditures it would incur to your moving budget not to end up in minus. To this end, knowing the possible range of moving quotes would be particularly beneficial.

Types Of Moving Quotes Explained

Basically, moving quotes should be understood as moving estimates provided by one of the possible professional moving company you are considering to hire. Since you may not always want to hire these movers after estimates they have provided, it is vital to be familiar with different types of quotes that could be provided. Three most spread out of these are described in more detail below:

  • Obliging quote: when mover provides you with such an estimate, it means they are obliged to perform the services for the price they have calculated unless conditions change. This change may include the addition of items to the inventory sheet or even change of day and date services are to be performed on;
  • Non-binding quote: in this case, the estimate would most likely be a range and rather a guess of your moving cost. The actual price depends on the weight of the items and a range of services rendered. However, it is only 110 {41def4c1d982f98a12534f7a262f9be2d5d0c373897ebf94492d9094874b93d4} that you will be required to pay from the estimate under these conditions;
  • Obliging not-to-exceed quote: works alike to the first type except that if your items weigh less ex-post, you will be able to pay less than estimated.

Once you have received the estimates, the decision has to be made. Here we also have a few tips on how to proceed with your moving company choice. Firstly, never sign blank documents on the day of the move if you do not want to be fooled. Some companies come up with these ludicrous schemes of determining only raw estimates and later adding huge charges for ex-post activities. Be careful as cost-efficiency should always be at the core of the moving process.

Secondly, try to opt for agencies charging for weight. How come? This is generally considered one of the most accurate ways to estimate the cost of the services and makes it harder to overcharge you. The latter can happen if movers make estimations based on volume measuring. Keep this tip in mind if you want to spare some money for later.

All in all, moving is no longer a nightmare with a decent moving company and beforehand preparations. Therefore, make sure to secure both aspects for your moving process and things will go smoothly.

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